What is Breakin’ The Code?

You Are Trapped! You Have 45 or 60 minutes (depending on the room you’re playing) To Break The Codes and Escape Before Time Runs Out.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Adventurer like Indiana Jones or a Tomb Raider like Lara Croft? Or maybe how it would feel to be trapped in a horror movie like Saw or Silence of the Lambs? Could you escape a maximum security prison or survive a night in a Haunted Asylum, or break into a bank vault to steal a priceless jewel without setting off the alarms?
The creators of Breakin’ The Code are proud to present a new concept of interactive entertainment… a real life escape experience!

Imagine you and your friends, family, or colleagues are trapped in a themed, highly realistic series of rooms. With only 60 minutes to escape, you must work together as a team as you race against the clock to explore your surroundings using logic, instinct, and critical thinking to find secret passages, solve puzzles, crack codes, and uncover hidden mysteries that will ultimately lead to your escape.



Boudreaux was always known as a loner and a recluse. He never trusted anyone especially with his prized possession. Fearing that one day someone would take what he valued the most he hid it deep in the swamp somewhere in his Camp. Can you Break the Code and figure out what he treasured the most?


Seth always said that there were monsters in his closet. He could hear things go bump in the night. He could see eyes peering at him from across the room. In an effort to make Seth feel better, every night before he was tucked into bed his parents would go look around his room to prove to him that there were no monsters. Tonight Seth’s parents are gone and you are his sitter. It is up to you to show Seth he has nothing to be afraid of. BUMP! What was that? What if Seth was right?


You are part of an Elite Squad hot on the trial of a serial bomber. You have found his location, but you have triggered a bomb. Can you disarm it before it detonates?

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